Landing Page Monitoring for all of your campaigns.

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Intelligent monitoring and alerting that ensures your landing pages are always ready when your campaigns are. Eletype is always on, even when you're not.

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Drop Eletype into your team’s favorite Slack workspace. All account creation and configuration is done within Slack. It’s easy.

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Make a new Slack channel for campaign monitoring, like #page-monitoring. Authorize your Facebook or Google ad accounts and connect it to your Slack channel.


All set? Not only are your campaigns being monitored, but so are your landing pages. Relax, we've got it covered.

add eletype to slack

Eletype is free to try for 1 Facebook or Google Ad Account.

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eletype digital marketing and landing page monitoring

All of your campaigns,

All of the time.

Today’s multi-channel marketing campaigns are becoming more and more complicated by the day. Often times, the difference between a successful marketer and a marketer who is out of a job, is being able to quickly recognize and fix campaign problems or take advantage of opportunities. Eletype is great for:

The Eletype Digital Assistant

An intelligent monitoring and alerting system that is the secret weapon behind consistent, positive, campaign performance. Catch problems and take advantage of opportunities your team might be missing in your marketing campaigns and on your landing pages.

landing page monitoring in slack
landing page monitoring in slack

Page, Form, Pixel and Cart Monitoring

Eletype Landing Page Monitoring not only checks for uptime and render time, but it can check your pixels, tags and carts to ensure that every click you generate can convert the way you expect it to.

add eletype to slack

Eletype is free to try for 1 Facebook or Google Ad Account.

Click 'Add to Slack' to give it a try.

Landing Page Monitoring

  • Uptime and Status Code Checks
  • Render Time and Download Time
  • Facebook Pixel Check
  • Google Tag Manager Check
  • Form Submit Test
  • Stock and Cart Monitoring

Slash Commands

  • How do I add connections?
    • /eletype add
  • How do I move a connection to a different channel?
    • /eletype move
  • How do I remove a connection?
    • /eletype remove
  • Can I make my own monitoring rules?
    • /eletype configure
  • Have feedback? We want to hear!
    • /eletype feedback

Eletype connects to your favorite marketing platforms


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