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Get daily summaries and real-time notifications in your favorite Slack channels.


Drop Eletype into your team’s favorite Slack workspace. All account creation and configuration is done within Slack. It’s easy.


Make a new Slack channel for CallRail, like #callrail-monitor. Authorize your CallRail account and connect your Company and Trackers to your Slack channel.


All set? Daily Trackers/Call summaries and notifications will come directly to the Slack channel you selected. Simple and free.

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Eletype is free to try for 1 CallRail Company

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CallRail Daily

Telephony Summary

Marketing agencies are managing a lot of clients, trackers and phone numbers. A daily summary to help identify trends and hotspots allows your team to stay on top of everything. Never get caught off guard when your clients aren't answering their phones.

Real-time Telephony Notifications

New Call, New Form Submit and new Text Messages, directly in Slack. You can even listen to calls and reply to text messages.

Call Anomaly Detection

When you are managing a lot of companies and call trackers it can be hard to detect a problem. Get real-time anomaly notifications for call volume, abandoned rates, connection rates, and voicemails.

Eletype is also great for:

Eletype is free to try for 1 CallRail Company.

Click 'Add to Slack' to give it a try.

CallRail in Slack

  • Daily Tracker Summary
  • New Text w/ Reply
  • New Form Submit
  • New Call w/ Listen
  • Telephony Anomaly Detection
  • Learn more...

Slash Commands

  • How do I add connections?
    • /eletype add
  • How do I move a connection to a different channel?
    • /eletype move
  • How do I remove a connection?
    • /eletype remove
  • Can I make my own monitoring rules?
    • /eletype configure
  • Have feedback? We want to hear!
    • /eletype feedback

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